Workplace safety and employee health

KraussMaffei places great value in the safety and health of its employees. For this reason, we have certified our internal processes in all locations and consistently in accordance with the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001. In this regard, we consistently comply with all applicable legal specifications related to user safety, noise protection, accident prevention and health and environmental protection. High work safety standards apply throughout the group.

Once a year each employee receives safety instruction from a supervisor, which has to be documented. Topics include emergencies, first aid, fire protection, workplace accidents, markings, use of alcohol, orders placed with contractor companies, environmental protection, office workstations and traffic routes. Furthermore, the employee is given an explanation of how to behave in hazardous situations, when personal protective equipment must be worn, which kinds of work are particularly hazardous and important points to pay attention to at construction and assembly sites.


To decrease the number of accidents even more, we have developed the in-house campaign called "The 7 golden rules" of safety:

1. Take responsibility!
2. Wear protective clothing!
3. Report defects!
4. Observe safety signs!
5. Report all accidents and near-accidents!
6. Avoid risks!
7. Exercise diligence at work!


We increase our employees' awareness of workplace safety topics in part through posters and banners as well as an intranet presence—in the areas of both Production and Management. Additionally, we have called on our employees at the Munich location to submit improvement proposals in the area of workplace safety during the months of October 2016 to March 2017, the best of which will be distinguished with awards.

Employee health

Promoting active lifestyles, consciously making care provisions, offering help

The health of employees is the basic requirement for their ability to work. Neither pressure of deadlines nor work requirements are worth putting this at risk. That is why the KraussMaffei actively concerns itself with the well-being of its personnel. Through various special promotions in the company and articles in our employee magazine "ONE," we encourage our employees to drink enough water, use their break time and pay attention to healthy nutrition. In addition, we have had our cafeteria at the Munich location participate in a coaching program found throughout Bavaria to improve our menus with the help of experts. We also offer regular blood pressure and blood sugar testing.

Furthermore, the company jointly hosts health days with the company health insurance Verkehrsbau Union (BKK VBU) every year; during these health days employees can receive vein checks, skin cancer screenings, tonometry, flu vaccinations and first-aid courses.

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