Product management

We bear great responsibility towards our customers and the environment with our machines and systems — therefore we are always working on innovative solutions that make our products even better, more reliable and more resource-conserving.

Product management

How we achieve quality, sustainability and security for our products

KraussMaffei places great value in the quality, sustainability and safety of its products and value creation processes. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for producing and processing plastic and rubber, we start thinking as early as the development stage about making about our machines, systems and process solutions conserve resources over the entire lifecycle, to be environmentally friendly and to correspond to the highest safety requirements — from manufacturing and application to disposal and recycling. With the help of our established management systems we are continuously improving our processes and systematically pursuing our goals, above all quality, on-time delivery, flexibility and sales growth.

We offer our customers with a broad portfolio of innovative products and services that sustainably provide added value and benefit. Examples include using lightweight construction components based on innovative composite materials in the automotive industry, high-performance plastic-based insulation in the construction industry and biodegradable materials in the packaging industry. We are always striving for a trust-based partnership with our customers, business partners and suppliers. Together we will achieve our goals better and faster, and we will mutually benefit from our store of experience and knowledge.

Product quality and safety

Management system

The quality and safety of the machines, systems and processes are of central importance for the corporate success of KraussMaffei. To ensure this for the long term, our most important production locations have been certified in accordance with the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, with which we are always critically scrutinizing our processes and seeking potential for optimization. As part of the three-year transition period at our locations, we will consistently take into account the revision of this internationally recognized standard for quality management published in September of 2015. At the Munich location, certification for ISO 9001:2015 will occur in June of 2017. Substantial changes to the previous version concern aspects such as increasing the already strong orientation toward the requirements of customers and other stakeholders as well as ensuring that employees have the required qualifications.

Product development

Product development is an important field of work for us to remain competitive and to offer our customers innovative solutions. For the development of new series and machine sizes we have anchored a standardized process in our development centers that supports an optimal process sequence. This process is divided into six steps; it includes aspects for product safety and elimination of defects as well as regulates documentation of the sequence for later projects.


Product quality

Key performance indicators: We have defined a series of key performance indicators for reviewing the product quality. We collect some of our data from the feedback provided by our customer services, quality reports, warranty cases, service orders and complaints. Based on these key performance indicators, we evaluate our production locations and can take corresponding measures to maintain our high quality standards as soon as they exceed or drop below a certain value.

Ensuring and improving product quality: As part of our development work, we assess the quality of new machine sizes using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). FMEA is a method for analyzing the reliability engineering of a machine. During the development process, we employ this method for preventing defects and increasing technical reliability. This means we assess potential product defects with respect to their significance for customers, their probability of occurrence and their probability of detection. We do this, for example, by performing risk analyses, calculating the service life of assemblies and creating service orders.

Complaint management: We cooperate closely to track our internal departments for everything ranging from quality assurance and procurement to development as well as design and supplier-related problems in series. We can trace all work groups except for standard parts and auxiliary materials, such as screws. We mark components and individual parts to enable better traceability back to the supplier or production location.

Environmentally friendly product and process solutions

Environmental protection needs good ideas

Resource-saving processes and sustainable materials are becoming ever more important in industry. To counter this trend, we have developed a catalog of measures in the BluePower Initiative which give our customers the best possible solutions for individual expectations. Our efficient machines thus contribute to the economical management of scarce resources.

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Customer orientation

Satisfaction with high-quality product and process solutions

Our aim is to give our customers premium quality products and services with a clear benefit and added value over the entire value chain. As a reliable partner, we supply efficient and need-orientated machines, systems and procedural solutions and we also work closely with our customers in the field of product development.

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