Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides a more comprehensive understanding of the systems employed by our customers, the optimization of our products and solutions, and the achievement of adequate profitability in line with our targets, it is also imperative that we manage our company sustainably and show responsible commitment to society.

Company Policy

A strong profile

KraussMaffei is a leading global manufacturer of machines and systems for producing and processing plastic and rubber. We are the only provider in the world to possess the essential machine technologies: injection molding technology, reaction process machinery and extrusion technology. We provide customers around the globe from numerous industries with our high-quality products and services, as well as groundbreaking system and process solutions. Our own production facilities and a strong sales and service network ensure that our company, which is rich in tradition, is customer-oriented. KraussMaffei is focused on long-term company success and its strategy includes five aspects of sustainability: long-term company management, employees, product management, corporate environmental protection and societal engagement.

Five values to exemplify

There are five values that set the foundation of the work we do, and that drive the way we think and act. We pledge to actively integrate these values into our work and to exemplify them. Each individual should model these values, both when dealing with colleagues and customers and business partners.

  1. Our customers are the focal point of our activity.
  2. We act and conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner.
  3. As a learning organization, we are committed to continuous improvement.
  4. We believe in teamwork.
  5. We take personal responsibility.

Shared objectives

The top priority of KraussMaffei is to offer our customers true added value along the entire value chain through premium quality, efficient and requirements-based machines, systems and process solutions, as well as comprehensive services. We are proactive in creating solutions to societal trends such as urbanization, environmental protection, resource efficiency, health and an increase in the premium character of our finished products. The focus of company development is integrating the latest information technology into our production processes and products. All measures that address Industry 4.0 are combined under the name "Plastics 4.0". In-depth customer care and committed relationships with the people in our markets are our great strength. Regular communication with our stakeholders and an open dialog about topics such as sustainability engender trust and allow us to react to trends at an early stage, recognize external risks and identify customer requirements and areas of potential improvement. We adhere to the same rules both internally and externally.

Team success

We work together in a spirit of mutual trust, reliability, fairness, integrity and open communication at all levels of the company. We operate in accordance with national and international laws and rules of competition. We have defined basic business principles for our code of compliance and ethics that ensure sustainable business practices supported by all employees and management. We actively promote fair interactions, equality of opportunity and transparency, a respect of human dignity and diversity within our workforce. We achieve our objectives through excellent strategic alignment and the responsible actions of our employees. Continuous improvement of our processes and products contributes to the long-term success of KraussMaffei.

Sustainable company management


Our values and rules for long-term economic success

In our company management we are pursuing a comprehensive approach to sustainability. A clear corporate strategy, strong corporate values, continuous compliance structures and our risk management support us in being sustainably successful economically.

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Qualification, health and satisfaction: our goals for the entire workforce

Every day our about 5,000 employees work with passion and skill for the benefit of our customers. To enable this, we create a work environment where each employee has the best possible opportunity for development. We place special value here on equal opportunity as well as diversity and always give the chance for further personal development.

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Product management


How we achieve quality, sustainability and security for our products

We bear great responsibility towards our customers and the environment with our machines and systems — therefore we are always working on innovative solutions that make our products even better, more reliable and more resource-conserving.

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Corporate environmental protection


Careful management of valuable resources

We have dedicated ourselves to respectful handling of resources and the environment — to that end we see our greatest tasks particularly in the topics of energy and emissions, waste and recycling as well as transport safety and logistics.

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Social Engagement


Social responsibility at all our plants – and beyond

We want to help where we can bring about the clearest changes — therefore we primarily support young people and families. We are globally active in social projects and support national as well as international educational institutions.

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