Every day our about 5,000 employees work with passion and skill for the benefit of our customers. To enable this, we create a work environment where each employee has the best possible opportunity for development. We place special value here on equal opportunity as well as diversity and always give the chance for further personal development.


Qualification, health and satisfaction: our goals for the entire workforce

KraussMaffei is among the globally leading manufacturers of machines and systems for the production and processing of plastic and rubber. This success is largely due to about 5,000 employees who bring their passion and skills to the company every day.

KraussMaffei has developed numerous measures that are implemented in five areas to ensure that employees are skilled, healthy and happy. These application fields include apprenticeships and continued training opportunities, diversity and equal opportunity, work safety and employee health, dialog and co-determination and remuneration and social benefits.

Targeted personnel development measures are a top priority. We want to support our employees professionally and personally, promote their individual success and maintain their ongoing presence within the company. Our objective is to prepare employees for leadership positions within our company. We also place emphasis on teamwork because our success can only be attained as a team. We want each person in the company to contribute actively and share his or her experience, skills and knowledge. And we want everyone to work to promote cooperation across organizational boundaries. We work together in a spirit of mutual trust, reliability, fairness, integrity and open communication at all levels of the company.

Employee recruitment

Our search profile: powerful specialists and management staff

Since we are growing along with our customers and tasks, we are always looking for new skilled, dedicated employees to join us. Our objective is to continue to strategically and continuously increase the firmly established reputation of KraussMaffei as an attractive employer so we can recruit the best junior employees.

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Apprenticeship and continued training

How training and development programs make us even more competitive

For us, employees are the highest good and the most valuable resource. Their deep dedication and diverse qualifications ensure the business success of the KraussMaffei each and every day. Therefore, in addition to attractive work conditions, we place great value on the personal and professional development of each individual on staff.

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Diversity and equal opportunity


Diversity is vitally important for KraussMaffei. We are a transparent company; in that regard, non-discrimination and fair treatment of each other are a matter of course. In the framework of our Compliance and Ethics Code, we have defined basic principles for our business conduct that form the orientation basis for our employees and business partners who act in the name of KraussMaffei:

  • For KraussMaffei, respecting the dignity of human beings in all their forms is just as self-evident as rejecting all forms of discrimination, exploitation of workers and child labor.
  • All employees treat each other in a friendly and open manner. We are guided in our decision-making processes by factual arguments and deal with each other fairly, without prejudice and based on mutual trust.
  • There is no discrimination based on gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation or culture within or outside of KraussMaffei. Active and passive discrimination against individuals, particularly older or disabled persons, is not compatible with our corporate values.

Equal opportunity

We take a series of measures to promote equal opportunity for men and women. To ensure fair wages for both sexes, our employees are bound to fixed salary scales and pay scale groups. In addition, we use Germany-wide initiatives such as "Girlsʼ Day," when we bring our technical vocational training programs to the attention of schoolgirls. To date, these have been dominated by men—as is common in industrial professions. In the best-case scenario, we directly find young female future employees desiring to participate in a school internship or training. For the female employees already with us, one initiative the Works Council does is hold an informational event on the topic of "Women in the Workforce" on International Women's Day.

Equal opportunity also means that we offer occupational integration management to employees who have been ill for a long period. In addition, as part of our compliance with the legally prescribed Agreement on Integration, we promote the work of severely disabled persons.

We support the work-life balance through measures such as flexible working times, flextimes in accordance with the Company Agreement (BV) for working time arrangement, family time, 30 days of vacation and special leave days. Furthermore, there are company agreements for partial retirement, training and controlled age succession in the scope of a course of study. That also takes "generation management" into account.

Workplace safety and employee health

Accident-free and safe through everyday operations

The physical integrity and wellbeing of our employees is our top priority in our everyday working lives. To guarantee this, we have developed an internal work safety campaign alongside safety instruction and briefings. At the same time, we offer health care facilities and watch out for a balanced working day.

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Dialog and co-determination


KraussMaffei provides its employees with numerous options for entering into dialog with management as well as colleagues. These include conferences with management, employee assemblies and annual employee discussions. In addition, we foster the dialog between employees, for example, through manager meetings, family days and employee parties. This also gives the children of employees the chance to see where their parents work and get an impression of professional life.

As part of compliance work, KraussMaffei has set up an anonymous "reporting point" in addition to the existing in-house and external points of contact; this reporting point is located at a renowned legal chancellery (Rechtskanzlei) in Munich. This additional, external neutral point is meant to give employees options for speaking out and receiving help, without necessarily having to reveal their identity. This applies particularly in cases when an employee believes there are irregularities, legal violations, corruptibility or bribery, or sees a conflict of interest between professional and private interests.



The co-determination of employees of KraussMaffei is ensured by the Works Council. This council deals with hiring, termination, classifying, regrouping and transfers. Furthermore, the Works Council also acts as an advisory entity from time to time. For example, for outsourcing services of the company. A personnel committee meets once a week to discuss personnel issues.

Furthermore, at the turn of the year 2015/16 we carried out a global employee survey for the first time. Just under 70 percent of the global personnel participated in the survey. The results give us a detailed picture of the areas in the company where we need to improve. The employees gave the best evaluations in the categories of employee commitment/motivation and customer focus. In contrast, gaps and potential for improvement were found in the categories of training and education, management culture, remuneration, as well as working conditions/work-life balance. Here, we specifically worked out measures that we are gradually implementing.

Remuneration and social benefits

Social security for employees

Fair and transparent remuneration is an important prerequisite for willingness to perform. Therefore the wages of employees of KraussMaffei are bound to fixed scales and pay scale groups. In addition, our personnel receive anniversary bonuses, which are scaled based on the years they have been employed at the company.

Our employees can claim numerous social benefits, for example, quotes for accident insurance, contributions to capital formation, maternity and marriage benefits, transport allowances and our corporate pension plan.