KraussMaffei helps


For some years, during the pre-Christmas season, KraussMaffei at the Munich location has collected donations for underprivileged citizens. At the Christmas party in 2017, employees, together with management, presented a symbolic check for 8.000 Euro to the Munich-based charity Deutsche Lebensbrücke e. V.

KraussMaffei had already supported Lebensbrücke with a donation in 2016. This charity helps poor, sick and vulnerable people – especially children and families that have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. For these people, the Lebensbrücke offers medicine and socio-therapeutic care, in addition to a breakfast and healthy lunch. In this way, the association aims to prevent health complications. It takes a stand nationally and internationally so that homeless children obtain housing – and along with it, a future.

The donation from 2017 has been awarded to the Kochklub (cooking club) project. There, children learn to feed themselves healthily and at the same time inexpensively – thus ensuring long-term healthy nutrition. After ten years, the Kochklub urgently needed new crockery, pots, pans and much more. In this way, the donation has contributed to ensuring that the Kochklub can continue its weekly program.

In 2015, the money went to supporting the Munich-based relief organization BISS e. V., which is centered on a magazine project which creates good jobs that pay into the social security system. At the same time, the organization offers assistance in self-help: BISS e. V. also counsels the magazine sellers on getting out of debt or gaining control of their health.