Compliance directives for all employees

KraussMaffei operates in accordance with national and international laws and the applicable rules of competition. We have also defined basic business principles for our code of compliance and ethics that are binding for all employees. Our general principle defines this code of conduct and also covers topics such as business ethics, management and communication, equal treatment, compliance with rules of competition and the proper procedure for handling conflicts of interest. Our code of conduct applies across to all employees throughout the corporate group. Employees who are or may be in regular contact with external business partners sign the code of conduct every year. In doing so, they signal that they will conduct themselves according to KraussMaffei directives within their work area and recognize the values and specifications contained therein as binding for their work area.

Furthermore, our KraussMaffei directive on "Business relationships with consultants, distributors, representatives and mediators" stipulates that no questionable legal agreements are to be entered into with sales partners and business transactions with sales partners around the globe are to be conducted in full compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Our group directive "Competitive conduct" outlines antitrust specifications and forbids business conduct designed to impermissibly limit the competition.

To ensure that our employees are informed in these areas, we conduct regular training on the key topics of antitrust law and compliance and corruption in Germany and abroad. We also urge them to report any suspicion of a violation of our code of conduct.

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Reporting process and whistleblower system

We have designated internal and external compliance officers to ensure adherence to the code of compliance and ethics within KraussMaffei. The in-house KraussMaffei compliance officer is the contact person for our employees. He/she is supported in this role by eleven other compliance officers within the various segments. The segment compliance officers and group compliance officer regularly discuss relevant topics so that specific individual instances can be discussed when the need arises. The compliance officers are our point of contact for rule violations and have an advisory role. Experience has shown that consulting services in the Compliance area are made use of particularly in situations in which there are uncertainties.

In addition to internal compliance officers, we introduced a neutral, external help desk in 2014. Employees and third parties can turn to this help desk to report (anonymously if need be) any illicit business practices they observe within KraussMaffei. This service is available in multiple languages, giving non-German-speaking employees the option to use the reporting system as well.

Compliance with laws and group directives are reviewed regularly by the KraussMaffei's Internal Auditing Department who maintain a close dialogue with the compliance officers.

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Core items from the code of conduct of KraussMaffei

  • We operate in accordance with national and international laws and rules of competition.
  • We pledge to conduct fair competition.
  • We support the global fight against corruption.
  • We feel dedicated to the community.
  • We respect the intellectual property of third parties and protect our own intellectual property.
  • We respect human dignity and observe fair working conditions.
  • We reject child and forced labor.
  • We promote fair transactions with one another and equal opportunity.
  • We pledge to conduct long-term expansion of our core competencies and sustainable economic management.
  • We demand transparent donation processes.
  • We reject favoritism with respect to customers, suppliers or service providers.
  • We respect and protect personal data.