Apprenticeship and continued training

Apprenticeship and continued training

Firmly entrenched parts of our personnel development include:

  • Employee discussions in which the supervisor and the employee come to personal target agreements and work out development perspectives
  • Evaluations and analyses of potential in which the potential of employees in various organizational units of our company is determined qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Internal continued training sessions in order to provide personal and professional development side by side with daily business

Our dedication to young and future employees is worthwhile as well. The training rate at KraussMaffei has been between 8 and 10 percent for many years, above the industry average. In addition, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH undertakes to offer at least 35 training contracts per year as part of its valid labor contract. The prerequisite for receiving training at KraussMaffei is a very good exit qualification from a lower secondary or high school (in Germany, Hauptschule or Realschule). After training, there is the possibility of further qualification to become a foreman or technician. As a company with a rich history, we are aware of our responsibility as an employer and strive for employment security at our locations. That is why we fill many positions by promoting from within, for example in the mechanical manufacturing, machine assembly, commissioning, service, cafeteria or maintenance business areas.

In addition to the classroom test, technical knowledge is tested at the end of training with a shop task in the plant as part of the final exam for technical professions. This allows trainees to prove the skills they have acquired. The operational task corresponds to a time frame of 16 to 70 hours and is concluded by a subsequent technical discussion.

Specifically for refugees, KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH offers an entry-level qualification for the occupation of automotive painter that can last up to twelve months and serves as preparation for a future apprenticeship.

KraussMaffei offers new trainees and all employees within the company countless opportunities to improve themselves personally and professionally. Our extensive training program includes workshops for IT software, seminars in communication, personal development and work techniques, project management, intercultural and internal training sessions and training on the topic of work safety and language courses. In 2016, we facilitated about 8,000 hours of language training for 143 employees at our Munich location. In addition, 36 seminars (124,416 hours) were offered in a many other training programs, in which 432 employees participated.

As an example, we offered training sessions in China, the US and Germany on the topic of "Professional Sales" in 2016. In a four-part training course, employees were trained in areas such as conducting negotiations, presenting a customer pitch and recognizing sales potential. For the management level of the procurement department, trainings on discussion techniques, leading employees and employee management were conducted.

Engineers can take "Diplomado," the professional development program at our Mexico location lasting several months, to improve their technical abilities, acquire new knowledge and strengthen their skills. We also initiated the "Global Management Development Program" for our managers, which one might describe as a kind of fitness training for the demanding tasks of management. Program participants learn the different role requirements of management in the course of multiple practice-oriented modules. In addition to personal growth and further development as a manager, the primary emphasis is on networking within the company. The participants are drawn from nine locations in six countries and come from all segments and functions of the KraussMaffei. Supervisors of the participants are also integrated into the program to ensure that the content of the teaching can be successfully transferred to operational practice. In 2016, 45 participants across the world took part in the "Global Management Development Program".

Since we are always striving to improve our offerings and remain an attractive employer, we are currently developing a new training and development program using the results of a 2015/16 employee survey conducted globally.

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